The Issue

The Affordable Energy Coalition is dedicated to protecting consumers against proposals that would raise the price of electricity for American consumers and decrease grid reliability by diverting funds away from critical infrastructure investments.


Raising Consumer Prices:

AEC opposes proposals that would benefit a small group of companies at the expense of consumers.


Disrupting The Energy Market:

Competitive markets for electricity in the United States have consistently benefited consumers over the past 20 years.


No Change To Reliability:

As the 2018 Bomb Cyclone emphasized, the power grid has been tested by extreme weather and proven to be reliable. From power grid operators to industry organizations, experts in this subject matter have stated time and again that competitive markets are effectively maintaining grid reliability and resilience.

AEC Content

Another Name For Emergency Government Intervention? A Consumer-Backed Bailout

As a couple of struggling energy companies are increasingly pressing the administration to invoke emergency powers to prop up their uneconomic power plants, we want to flag for you two important expert opinions on the matter that popped this weekend. Quotes below (emphasis mine): David Schlissel, director of resource planning analysis, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis: "These are purely political machinations in response to market changes that continue to gain momentum...

The Defense Production Act? “Perhaps Not The Most Obvious Fit”

When asked about the potential use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to prop up aging and uneconomic power plants, FERC Chairman Kevin McIntyre put it simply: "It's perhaps not the most obvious fit." Recent commentary from industry experts reiterate the point: Devin Hartman, Electricity Policy Manager, R Street Institute: "What DOE is doing now is essentially scrubbing all potential statutes to find something that could be the most legally defensible case." Tom Pyle, President, American...

PJM Study Finds Grid Reliability Is Not Impacted By FirstEnergy Closures

On April 30, PJM (the regional transmission organization) released a report that found the closing of FirstEnergy's three nuclear power plants will not reduce grid reliability. The report confirms what energy experts across the industry have argued for months and what FERC reaffirmed in their January NOPR ruling - competitive markets are working. Despite FirstEnergy's pleas for taxpayer-funded support, the reality is there is no grid emergency. Main points from the coverage of the report...

Heritage Foundation Paper Explains Why Granting FirstEnergy’s Emergency Request Would Be A Disaster For Competitive Power Markets

The Heritage Foundation released a new report by Katie Tubb concerning the ramifications of DOE intervention into U.S. electricity markets through a 202(c) action. Specifically, the white paper outlines five core arguments against FirstEnergy's request. In one particularly strong passage, Tubb notes that "true competition, customer choice, and disciplined government to reduce barriers rather than create them will achieve the energy reliability and security goals that undergird the FirstEnergy...

Experts On Section 202(c) Powers & Value Of Competitive Electricity Markets

As the debate around the appropriate use of section 202(c) powers continues, below are some of the most recent expert reactions to FirstEnergy's request for emergency action and the value of competitive electricity markets. Utility executives and energy policy experts have all expressed their concern over any potential government interventions into competitive electricity markets and the effect such policies would have on electricity prices. Invoking 202(c) Emergency Powers To Grant First...

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The Affordable Energy Coalition represents a diverse group of industry organizations, businesses, and communities focused on keeping energy affordable for American families.



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