Affordable Energy Coalition Statement On Section 202 Request To Secretary Perry

Washington, D.C., March 29, 2018 – Today, the Affordable Energy Coalition (AEC) released the following statement in response to a letter from FirstEnergy urging Secretary Perry to use his Section 202(c) emergency powers under the Federal Power Act to subsidize coal and nuclear plants:

“These powers were intended to be used in the case of national emergencies, mass shortages of electricity, or when wars require increased generation of American energy. The retirement of power plants that are losing money and cannot compete in a free market does not constitute such an emergency, particularly when you consider that independent and government data show that the current grid meets reliability and resiliency needs,” said Michael Steel, a spokesman for AEC. “We urge Secretary Perry to continue working with all stakeholders and grid operators rather than misusing emergency powers.”

Competitive markets for electricity in the United States have consistently benefited consumers over the past 20 years. Enacting Section 202 would raise the price of electricity for American consumers and decrease grid reliability by diverting funds away from critical infrastructure investments. Grid operators have already started to suggest reliability improvements as part of the FERC proceedings, and it’s critical that Secretary Perry not derail that constructive process.

The AEC represents a diverse group of organizations, businesses, and communities focused on keeping energy affordable for American consumers.

More information on the AEC is available at the coalition’s website:


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